Business – Awesome Useful Apps You Are Not Using

Most business and technology influencers have tried hundreds of apps but apps like Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Foursquare, Evernote, Skype, Google Maps, Youtube, Dropbox and Pinterest  have been installed on most smartphones. Apart from the popular apps out there, how do you find other insanely useful web and mobile apps without wasting time. To help you out, we have compiled 13 of other equally useful apps worthy of  your download or registration.

The list represents some of the most useful web and mobile apps you can actually try.

1. Clarity

Online consulting. Find, schedule and pay for expert advice. Clarity provides a great way for young entrepreneurs to tap into experienced mentors. Clarity provides a marketplace that hooks up phone calls between entrepreneurs and successful businesspeople and venture capitalists.

2. Meddik

Is a place to share and discover health information. You can browse questions, stories, and products submitted and organized by people with similar health concerns. Get answers from people who have been there.

3. Around Me

Figures out where you are and lists local stuff – banks, bars, petrol stations, retail stores etc. AroundMe allows you to search for the nearest restaurants, banks, gas stations, book a hotel or find a movie schedule nearby.

4. Thumb

A mobile social network that helps people get instant opinions. The Thumb app allows users to ask questions and receive personal opinions from other users. Questions can include pictures, and opinions consist of thumbs up or down votes and comments.

5. Bump

Allows two smartphone users to physically bump their phones together to transfer contact information, photos, and files to each other over the Internet. Bump also allows users to bump photos from a phone to a computer.

6. Storenvy

Storenvy is one of the  new ways to shop the world’s most creative businesses & the easiest way to open your own online store. The Storenvy Facebook app gives merchants a free store on their Facebook page.


Lets creative teams collaborate visually within Murals, which are flexible web pinboards where you can easly add any type of media and files. You can lay out all your ideas, thoughts, images, and whatever else you want on one simple board.

8. Lift

A simple way to achieve any goal and track your progress. Lift helps you track and achieve habits through data visualization, streaks, and community support. Lift works through positive reinforcement.

9. AfterFocus

Is an easy-to-use photo-editing app. AfterFocus allows you to adjust the focus in your pictures after you have taken them. You simply highlight the area where you wish to improve the focus, adjust the intensity, and presto.

10. Sunrise

The beautiful calendar app that will replace every calendar app that you’ve tried so far. Sunrise puts important information about your day front and center, including appointments you have to make, friends’ birthdays and events, the day’s weather, and more.

11. DuckDuckGo

A search engine with lots of extra goodies. DuckDuckGo is the search engine that does not collect any personal information about you, ooh and they promise to drop the clutter. Now drop Google for a minute!

12. Scoutzie

Is an exclusive network of the best mobile designers. Search for a designer based on what you need designed->Receive a custom proposal based on your project request->When you confirm a project, Scoutzie holds on to the project funds until they receive your approval to send the payment to the designer.

13. Winston

If you prefer listening to reading, Winston may be the ideal news app for you. Users can have their Twitter and Facebook feeds, or areas of the news that interest them, read aloud in a really fancy voice. If you commute, or simply want a way to catch up after work, the app could be a fit for you.



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