Business – The Best Business Posts Around The Web You Missed This Week

Business bloggers and influencial business leaders keep sharing insight and tips for creating and growing  successful businesses. This week was no different. Popular on the web this week included the bad habits of good negotiators, lessons from a first time entrepreneur, unconventional interview questions entrepreneurs should ask, why startups run on fear and radically successful people who lived with their parents.

If you were too busy to keep up on all the business posts you should have read this week, never mind; we have put together 13 of the most shared and popular business posts around the web you may have missed.

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1. The Best Startup Decision I Ever Made: 8 Founders Fess Up

The concept of failure is all too familiar to founders today. It’s almost a mantra: Fail fast, fail often, fail early, fail cheap – sometimes, it seems like there are far more ways to fail than to more

2. Why Startups Need a Well Articulated Strategy (And How to Think About Yours)

Since Arrested Development is back I thought I’d resurrect Gob Bluth’s answer when he was told he needed a “business model” – he quickly figured out that he was missing one so he asked Starla, the.. read more

3. Why Helping Others is Good Business

When you decided to become an entrepreneur, what reasons motivated that decision? For some people it is the opportunity to make a lot of money, the freedom to live by their own convictions, or….read more.

4. The Bad Habits of Good Negotiators

For a good part of the past decade, I’ve taught negotiation skills to diverse audiences—Fortune 500 executives, generals in the U.S. Army and Air Force, and professional athletes…read more

5. 10 Lessons from a First Time Entrepreneur

This deck highlights some key learnings from our own eight-year journey (and counting) as first-time entrepreneurs. In no way do I have all the answers, but hopefully this deck can help other first-time entrepreneurs…read more

6. 12 Unconventional Interview Questions Entrepreneurs Should Ask

Where potential employees are concerned, obviously skills are important. Yet we’ve all seen fabulously talented individuals become a team that was far less than the sum of its parts. Read more

7. 5 Money Moves Everyone Should Make By Age 30

Millennials, the current generation of 20-somethings perhaps best known for their tech-savvy ways, are growing up. The oldest members of the group are now turning 30,…read more

8. 10 Checks to Ensure Your Twitter Profile is Growing Your Business

Do you just whip out your credit card and randomly make purchases on the Internet? The chances are… you don’t. You visit a site a few times, figure out what it is all about and then whip out…read more

9. Social Media and the Startup – How much is too much?

I took a class this week at the UC Rady School called Social Media Strategy Workshop: Using Social Media as a Competitive Advantage in Business.  The class was aimed at marketing and non-marketing….read more

10. Five Writing Tips that Can Double Your Salary

It is impossible to overstate how much we rely on written words to get what we want. Are you making your writing as powerful as possible? By improving your writing,…read more

11. 8 Tips for Successful Business Development

Many founders and CEOs come asking, “we need to hire a biz dev person, do you know anyone?” Few roles have more varied job descriptions than business development. It’s no wonder why it is…read more

12. 18 Radically Successful People Who Lived With Their Parents

Bloomberg Businessweek is taking some heat for an ad campaign mocking lazy millennials who still live with their parents. Parents can send their kids BBW e-cards with messages like,…read more
13. Startups Are NOT Glamorous – They Run on Fear
Entrepreneurs are the new rock stars. Or so it appears. The newest role-model is David Karp, founder of Tumblr, a 26-year-old who just sold his company to Yahoo for $1.1 billion. Read more



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