Business -Most Shared Business Posts Around the Web this Week

Another busy week for business professionals and bloggers is almost over. Busy business bloggers focused on what they do best-share the best business ideas, productivity hacks and startup resources with their audience. This week was no different, most writers and experts shared ideas, opinions and expert advice on how to be happy as an entrepreneur,  how to stay sane if your job is driving you nuts, ten things millennials like, why you should let others call you by your nickname etc.

If you were too busy to keep up on all the business posts and resources, never mind; we have put together 12 of the most shared and popular business posts around the web this week for you.

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These are a few of the business posts we enjoyed reading this week.

1. Is Your Job Driving You Nuts?

Be a team player but focus on your job. Take risks but don´t fail. Think out of the box but follow procedure. Tell me the truth but don´t bring me problems. Value employees but fire average performers. Help customers but spend less time with….read more

2. The Pitch Deck We Used To Raise $500,000 For Our Startup

One of the big no-no’s we’ve learnt about early on in Silicon Valley is to publicly share the pitchdeck you’ve used to raise money. At least, not before you’ve been acquired or failed or in any other way been removed from stage…read more

3. Why Some Videos Go Viral: 6 Reasons

While there’s no way to guarantee that anything will “go viral,” studying and applying those basic elements can significantly increase the impact, engagement, and sharing of the marketing pieces you’re already putting together…read more

4. Why You Should Let People Call You by a Nickname (Fortune 50 CEOs do)

The Ladders just completed a study showing that executives with short names have higher earning power. It reminded me of a post I did a year ago that this community has probably not seen. What’s perhaps more….read more

5. 3 Ways Meditation Can Make You a Better Leader

Running a business can be an emotional roller coaster ride, and it’s easy to get caught up in worries about the future or frustrations with the past. Meditation helps to center you in the present moment, more

6. 10 ways to stay happy as an entrepreneur

At last week’s The Next Web Conference it was interesting to hear how entrepreneurs are changing their goals. At previous events we would often hear about monetization, scalability and the Long Tail. Starting at last year’s event, entrepreneurs…read more

7. Bootstrapping Your Startup: 7 Hard-Earned Tips From Real Entrepreneurs

Everyone talks about the difficulty and importance of securing funding for your new startup. But that’s not the only way to go. Plenty of startups intentionally avoid taking investor cash in an attempt to control the direction of their companies more

8. Urgency and accountability are two sides of the innovation coin

As organizations and individuals succeed, it gets more difficult to innovate. There are issues of coordination, sure, but mostly it’s about fear. The fear of failing is greater, because it seems as though you’ve got more to lose…read more

9. The Next Phase of Social Business is the Collaborative Economy

What’s the next phase of Social Business?  That’s the question I’m frequently asked.  Without a doubt, the next phase is the Collaborative Economy. What’s that?  That’s where brands will rent, lend, provide subscriptions to products.. read more

10. Top 10 Things My Generation Likes

Are we politically engaged and civic-minded Twitter addicts?  Or narcissists with a penchant for Instagramming our food?  We’re either the most socially-connected generation thus far with hundreds of Facebook friends, or we’re an anti-social bunch…read more

11. How to Immediately Become a More Productive (and Better) Writer

You want to become a better writer. I know this because you’re reading Copyblogger. I also know that you fear becoming a better writer. This I know because you must change to become better, and to fear change is to be human…read more

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