Business – Why Small Businesses Should Use Cloud Computing?

cloud computing Cloud computing is becoming the go-to service for businesses both large and small.  It’s becoming very popular because businesses no longer have to rely on their own expensive and fragile technology – they can instead opt to use a cloud based service and only contend with a monthly subscription or service fee.  This eliminates the need to hire a dedicated IT department, and it makes it much easier to manage all of the data and information the business needs to operate successfully.

Virtual Desktops

One of the primary advantages small businesses can derive from using cloud based service are the virtual desktops they acquire.  Despite the falling prices on desktop computers, so much information is now digitalized and transmitted over the internet that it makes it difficult to keep up with only a few computers.  Using a cloud based solution it’s possible to have hundreds of virtualized desktops running on one machine.  This eliminates the need to purchase a large number of servers and other computing equipment.  Instead it allows a small business to use only a few computers for all of their IT needs.

Mobility Solutions

The future of internet and business undoubtedly lies in the mobile market.  Cell phones, tablets and other devices with internet connections are among the best-selling technology devices in the world.  They are phasing out personal computers at a rapid rate, and any small business wanting to capitalize on the market will need to use a cloud-based service that supports mobile integration.  Having a mobile cloud-based service allows you to interact with your customers and clients virtually anywhere with zero limitations.

Increase Revenues

Cloud-based computing services can be utilized by your small business to increase revenue in a variety of ways.  If you operate an e-commerce website your inventory size is no longer limited by the amount of space available on your web server.  Using a cloud solution you can upload a virtually unlimited number of items without facing storage limitations or bandwidth limitations.  Companies can also create numerous web portals through which they can run various advertisements to turn a profit and create some easy cash.


The entire premise of cloud computing relies on virtualization and centralization.  With cloud computing it becomes very easy to incorporate virtualized IT solutions into your everyday activities.  You can use a hypervisor such as Microsoft, Citrix or VMWare to build large networks of data and infrastructure without breaking the bank.

A small business can benefit from virtualization of their IT department in numerous ways.  First, it allows all of their data to be stored in a server that could be located thousands of miles away; despite this all data is still accessible through the same virtual machine located in the office.  Another way in which cloud computing virtualization can help small businesses is by allowing employees to travel to different locations for business meetings, networking events or something different without having to lug around their computing equipment with them.

Reduce Personnel Training Costs

One of the largest costs a small business must bear are the costs related to hiring and training new employees.  Cloud based computing solutions allow you to get more work done with less people, meaning you can get by with hiring fewer people and cut down on your payroll expenses at the same time.

A typical small business should use cloud computing because it allows them to have access to virtual desktops, virtualization of the entire IT department, increased revenues through the use of web portals and larger e-commerce websites, and finally using the cloud allows small businesses to spend less money on personnel training.

Edward Dennis is a tech blogger who likes to write about dedicated server, cloud computing and occasionally, about SEO and marketing in general.

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