Business – YouTube adds a ‘weird VHS’ mode to its video player


VHS mode

YouTube known for doing quirky things, such as adding a rainbow loading bar to the original Nyan Cat video or making its website do the Harlem Shake, so its latest gimmick is not much of a surprise.

To celebrate the 57th “birthday” of the first video cassette recorder, YouTube has added a new VHS mode to its video player. Basically, most video player on the site has a cassette button near the other video settings (resize, video quality, etc.) that, when clicked, allows you to add squiggly lines, static, and a general crappiness quality of video not experienced since the early `90s. Keeping the video on pause while the cassette mode is on actually interacts with you mouse to produce the effect.

As YouTube describes it on its Google+ page, it allows you “to relive the magic feel of vintage video tapes.” And since I was getting bored with 720 / 1080p-quality videos, I know this is exactly what I want to do.

Check out a sample video here if you’re curious. (You must click through to the YouTube website to see the mode in action.)



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