Business – Why email marketers love iPhone users (infographic)

iPhone users open 17.5 percent of their commercial mail, while Android users open 8.93 percent, and BlackBerry owners open only .24 percent.

Clearly, those BlackBerry users are far too busy working.

While social and search are obviously critical for digital marketers, email marketing continues to rank as one of the highest return-on-investment activities that marketers do. However, where we read and respond to our email is changing as mobile devices penetrate farther into our lives and our work.

Today, about 75 percent of us read and answer email on our phones, in addition to — or instead of — our computers.

Marketing automation firm GetResponse, which offers email marketing services for companies like iStockPhoto, the Blue Man Group, and Men’s Health, recently studied how to optimize email for mobile. And it turns out that companies that learn to deliver email that’s better formatted for mobile get up to 30 percent higher open rates.

So how do you optimize for mobile?

Some of the information is fairly obvious to long-time marketers: keep it simple, keep it short, use large enough fonts so consumers can see your content on a small handheld device, kill the Flash animations, and so on. But interestingly, GetResponse says that iPhone users open rates are almost double Android users, and an astonishing 73 times higher than BlackBerry owners. Which means that you need to know what devices your customers own, and adapt your strategies accordingly.

Here’s all the data in visual form:

email marketing optimization

photo credit: marimoon via photopin cc



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