Business – Tumblr reinvents its Android app, bringing back the fun


So much in mobile app development is so serious these days. Interfaces are often beautiful, but seldom fun, as the relentless drive to small-screen efficiency and usability crowds out creativity.

That’s not the problem with Tumblr’s new Android app, released today to mostly-rave reviews.

Tumblr's new Android app is playful and simple

Source: Tumblr

Tumblr’s new Android app is playful and simple

The new app is completely redesigned, and the best part is the post-anything screen that reinforces Tumblr’s reputation as the simplest place to post just about anything. It’s playful, popping out of the bottom-right corner with a cheeky animated reveal that offers options for posting video, images, text, links, quotes, or chatting.

And yet, it’s still simple. And smart.

As UI Parham Aarabi says, the easiest place to reach on a mobile phone is the bottom right – where the icon starts. And notice the curve of icons, nicely approximating the sweep of your right thumb upscreen.

(Frankly, Tumblr should offer a left-handed option.)

The app, as previously, allows you to manage your Tumblr blogs, find and follow other blogs to read, read and respond to messages, and tweet out your latest updates.

Here’s a quick overview, in pictures, of the new Tumblr Android app, which is available on Google Play.



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