Business – Anonymous hacks North Korea’s Flickr & Twitter accounts


Kim Jon un

North Korea’s state-run news agency Uriminzokkiri’s website and social networks have been compromised by Anonymous, days after the hacktivist group declared open season on the country.

Anonymous’ efforts are in part due to the North Korea government’s (led by dictator Kim Jong-Un, parodied above) oppressive stance on allowing citizens to access the Internet, among other things. Although, the hacking was probably sparked by the government’s recent threats to bomb the U.S. and South Korea.

The Uriminzokkiri website appears to be experiencing a Distributed Denial-of-service attack (DDoS), while the country’s official Twitter account now features a “Tango Down” avatar and has stopped tweeting. The country’s Flickr account was also compromised by Anonymous, who uploaded a handful of images poking fun at Jong-Un.

While North Korean government doesn’t deserve an ounce of sympathy, I really don’t see the relevance of this attack on its online presence. The government already doesn’t allow citizens to get on the web, and the country isn’t exactly sociable with the majority of the international community. The attack also comes a month after Google chairman Erik Schmidt met with Jong-Un about opening up the Internet for the greater good — something that seems to have make at least a slight impact. Still, when you treat you’re citizens like crap, you’re asking to be bullied by groups like Anonymous.


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