Business – Did YouTube’s co-founder tease a new video service as part of April Fools’ Day stunt?


MixBit logo

YouTube cofounder Chad Hurley has apparently used Google’s April Fools’ Day prank to promote his latest project, the collaborative video service MixBit.

Hurley tweeted about the new project today pointing to a website splash page that teased MixBit as a replacement since YouTube jokingly is shut down. The site has a lopped video of a removed YouTube video as well as a field you can type your email into to receive MixBit notifications in the future.

Given that there’s no mention of YouTube’s “announcement” being a joke, and the fact that this is April Fools’ Day, it’s sort of hard to believe Hurley would chose to promote his new service today. Still, sites like The Verge and GigaOM are reporting the news as truth, noting that Hurley mentioned MixBit when speaking at SXSW last month.

If MixBit is actually real, we don’t know much about the functionality at this point. It seems likely that the service will be part of Hurley and fellow YouTube co-founder Steve Chen’s company AVOS, which has produced several media-related social services in the past including a relaunched and digital magazine service Zeen.

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