My Acai Bowlism Recognized by Sambazon

Ksenia's Blog

On my January trip to Hawaii, I got hooked on Hawaiian air, the hula dance, the water of unbelievably clear blue color, the Aloha approach to life, and açaí bowls. Let me get it straight: none of the above can be replicated in New York where I live, except for the latter.

ACAI BOWL [pronounced ah-sa-EE]: An acai bowl, originally called acai na tigela, is a dish that has its origins in the Amazon of Brazil. The main ingredient is the mashed and frozen fruit of the acai palm which has recently been popularized due its many health benefits. Can be served with granola, fruit, coconut flakes and honey or agave syrup.

A health nut who strongly believes that breakfast is the most important meal, I’ve been experimenting with superfood-loaded acai bowls: from traditional to vegan and raw. The subjects of my experiments include mango, papaya, raw chocolate, kiwis, goji…

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